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conceived & Directed by Garrett david Kim

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Kim's Fine Food - Finalist, Blue Ink Playwriting Award

My play about my grandpa/namesake Kim's Fine Food was named a finalist for American Blues Theatre's Blue Ink Playwriting Award. It's a piece that's very close to me, and I'm so grateful that ABT put me on a list with some other playwrights that I highly respect. I should also mention that the reason this play exists is because of the support I got at Big Sky Theater Workshop, which is currently accepting applications for this summer. If you want to take your work as an actor or a playwright further, I cannot recommend this program enough!






Garrett David Kim is an interdisciplinary theater-maker and educator based in New York City. 

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Garrett studied acting in high school with First Stage Children's Theater's nationally-recognized pre-professional training program Young Company. After moving to NYC to study performance at Fordham University, he grew more and more interested in creating new works. Nowadays, Garrett focuses on creating original theatrical pieces.

Some recent projects include: Kim's Fine Food (Finalist, 2017 Blue Ink Playwriting Award), Blood Wedding (director), Miss Julie (adaptor), The Great American Novel Project (deviser/director), and The Buck (playwright). He has developed work with guidance from Will Davis, Pirronne Yousefzedah, Daniel Alexander Jones, Jackie Sibblies Drury, Jack Cummings III, and Cusi Cram. He's a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

As an educator, he has taught at First Stage Children's Theater in Milwaukee, WI, where he has worked with students on the autism spectrum in their Next Steps program. He's currently the Program Director at The 52nd Street Project, which creates original theater with youth in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan.

Garrett graduated from Fordham in May of 2016 summa cum laude with a B.A. in Theater Directing and Playwriting. He was elected to both Alpha Sigma Nu and Phi Beta Kappa.





written by Federico García lorca

Translated by Langston Hughes

Adapted by Melia Bensussen

Directed by Garrett david Kim

Photo: Avery Bart photography



The Buck - 5 women, 2 men (with doubling)

It’s almost Thanksgiving in northern Wisconsin, but Jake’s not in the holiday spirit. His family can barely hold it together. His nosy neighbor wants to set him up with some out-of-town turkey. He might be in love with his sister’s boyfriend. Oh, and there’s a deer that thinks it’s the family pet...and it’s been talking to Jake in his dreams. In The Buck, all kinds of wolves stalk the wilderness of small-town America, where you gotta listen to the song in your bones or get eaten alive.

Fordham educational workshop production, read here.


Kim's Fine Food - 2 women, 6 men

Grandson wonders how to be Korean-American. Suddenly, he's on a journey through time & space, and his grandfather brings him back to the family restaurant in Inglewood: a very nice, clean former KKK town in Los Angeles, California. A play about an immigrant family, hungry for the American Dream.

Finalist, Blue Ink Playwriting Award 2017
Big Sky Theater Workshop, July 2016


Loveish - (in development)

Three suitors, three days, and love triangles everywhere you look. With her sister getting antsy and her father growing sicker, Esmeralda has to make a choice...but she wants more. In this modern verse play remix of Shakespeare's classic comedies, sometimes you gotta break the meter to discover who and what you really love.


Pop Cult - (in development)

A sorority service project accidentally becomes a cult...and then the next major world religion. An exploration of the human spirit caught in the chaos of social media, celebrity culture, and faith in the 21st Century.



The Great American Novel Project - 7 actors (with doubling)

It's that age-old question: if you condense 1,221 pages of the most commonly-taught Great American Novels into a one-act play, will you be any closer to understanding your identity as an American?

Fordham educational workshop production


Pilot's Wings - 3 women, 2 men

Meet Pilot: your average teenage boy—well, average except for his autism—who’s looking for a chance to prove himself. A coming-of-age story that uses a different set of tools to explore how everyday people navigate out of their solitude and learn how to fly.

Fordham educational workshop production, read here.



Miss Julie - 2 women, 1 man

Longing for lives outside of the ones they were born into, an aristocratic woman and her servant share a sexually charged night. Violence erupts as they realize that they may be more dependent on their positions in life than they thought. A new adaptation that preserves Strindberg's classic with fresh dialogue for a contemporary audience.