I'm terrified that my life as I knew it will be over.

Will my rights as a U.S. citizen, as a person, be jeopardized, now that the government is being spearheaded by an openly misogynistic, racist, xenophobic straight white dude?

Will my right to marry, to adopt, to live openly as a gay person in this country dissolve under this new regime? And what is going to happen to the transgender citizens? I know the LGBTQ+ community is strong, and if anything we are survivors. But when our figureheads, our champions like Marsha P. Norman & Sylvia Rivera get swapped for Ellen Degeneres & Neil Patrick Harris, who will lead the charge into the fray?

Will the rich continue to get richer, now that we have a non-politician businessman at the helm? Will I be able to support myself working my non-profit job? Will the working class families I serve be able to put their kids through college? Or will suburbia continue to cushion itself from the realities of the rest of the nation? I think what we said tonight is that we're more concerned with retaining economic status than anything else.

Will somebody take a stand and lead our country to turn the tide on global warming? Because none of this matters if our planet's fucked.

Will anybody in the government stand up for the quickly-growing minority populations in the country? Will ethnic cleansing police enter my place of work, taking away the kids into questioning, away from their parents, to interrogate them about their citizenship? Will my POC coworkers and I be sent away? Do I need an emergency bag packed in case I have to flee at a moment's notice? Before you say anything contrarian, remember: this HAPPENED IN THE UNITED STATES. Native populations moved off their land, black communities segregated, Japanese-American citizens relocated to internment camps...we are not innocents.

Here's something we can do: don't stoop. If you are telling Trump supporters to unfriend you, stop. If you are blaming third party voters, stop. There are real reasons people didn't vote for Clinton this election, understandable reasons. To clarify, I don't think these reasons justify voting for Trump under any circumstance, but I have a particular POV as a queer biracial artist.

I'm teaching a personal storytelling class to a group of POC middle schoolers tomorrow. I don't know exactly what I'm going to say to them, but I'm going to do what I can in my corner of the room to reassure them that their lives matter to me. Their voices, their experiences, their futures matter to me. I am going to do everything I'm capable of to empower them.

My fear has become fuel. I'm ready to fight.