up & running.

How come nobody told me how much work it would be to set up a website?! It's finally up & running but I'm also up and tired and running out of steam. Currently eating some m&m's to keep my stamina up. This isn't going to be a very interesting post unless you like to sadistically watch someone try to virtually hold themselves accountable to do something that will be good for them.

Basically this is how it's going to work: I'm going to make a pact with myself to post something here a few times a week. Sometimes, I'll write blog posts, like this one. Sometimes, I'll share creative writings (not like this one). And sometimes, I'll have ideas that are better shared in essay form...at least I hope. I for one love writing essays and articulating my thoughts, so I hope to keep that part of my brain SHARP.

I'm also going to use this part of my website as a place to share my thoughts on theater I've seen and as a travel blog of sorts; I'm doing a road trip SOLO from Wisconsin to the West Coast & back again. (Hopefully sending these posts out into the universe will keep me less lonely. Fingers crossed!)

I just decided right this moment how I'm going to end each post: roses & thorns! so when I direct I like to start the day with the company sharing roses and/or thorns about their day. I think it's really important for the artists in the room (stage management included) to get whatever they've been carrying through their day off their chests, and for the rest of the company to acknowledge that. There's always enough time to get through whatever you need to accomplish in a rehearsal.

So, here goes...

ROSE: my AMAZING new sunglasses arrived in NYC from Eye Candy (an amazing glasses boutique in Delafield, WI...my best-kept fashion secret until now).
THORN: there are no more m&m's to eat...because I ate them all. And I ate them all too quickly...

All right, clearly time to go to bed.

If you're catching this before June 17th at 7:30pm, you should DEFINITELY come to the Stage Combat show at The 52nd Street Project! It's your standard Friday night entertainment, you know, kids beating up adults & vice versa. All fights are 100% safe & 100% outrageously awesome. More info here.