For Noah.

you & i lean, cold white walls
together, on the precipice
that is the afternoon before commencement
on the linoleum floor of our alma mater
listening to each other
blue hair
gold star, pink triangle
what do you plan to do, i ask
you plan to construct, you say
there is work to be done.

the d-word in the digital era:
every moment, another obituary
every instance, again the news
snowfall & bangs
again, blue hair
gold star, pink triangle
& misgendered condolences
like a well-intentioned comma
meaningful, in their misplacement.

today is a comma
a breath,
meaningful, in their misplacement.

they made spaces
with their being
tangible, & not
i realize today, spaces create meaning
today, commas creates meaning
without space, commas
as is the earth, as is a song
as is loss
the space creates meaning
too often we rush to fill the space
but i want today to be a comma,
a breath.

in, out
blue hair
gold star, pink triangle
& then soon
i will use my hands &
my voice, & my spirit
to fill your space, with joy.

today is bright, & sunny
i will listen to you.