san francisco.

I have a few updates from my week in San Francisco, which I'm just getting around to posting right now. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures on the street, nor did I snap shots of all the food I ate...but I did take this selfie in the Botanical Gardens!

Before I get any further, a huge thank you to the Bakers for putting me up for the week; they also served as travel guides which I really appreciated. I spent time in downtown San Francisco, Oakland, & Berkeley, and then I also spent a day driving around the area, up to Marin County & all the way down to Stanford. I met up with a bunch of folks in the city (s/o to Annabel, Elia, & Mandy, plus Omi & Andy who I got connected with through Fordham folks!), and I went to a TON of museums, which have become my new addiction. I'll be posting all of my museum adventures tomorrow, after I get a little rest.

Not only did San Francisco give me a chance to reflect on Big Sky, but I was also reminded of how many generous people have come together to make this trip possible. I arrived in a bunch of these cities without much of a day-by-day gameplan, and I've really been able to enjoy myself thanks to the folks who call these beautiful places home.

As I'm writing this, I'm nearing the end of my trip. It's a bittersweet feeling; I've really relished this chance to re-center myself, but I also am feeling ready (& excited!) to take the wisdom I've gathered over the past few weeks & take it with me moving forward. I have a few intense driving days ahead of me, and then it will be a return to reality...well semi-reality, because I have a few weeks in Wisconsin before returning to NYC.

For now, here's a small sample of what I did, and stay tuned for more San Francisco goodness!