Like I mentioned in my last post, I checked out a ton of museums while I was in the Bay Area. I've really found myself getting into poetry & visual art for inspiration. As a theater-maker, sometimes I get too caught up in the theater scene, so it's been really lovely to engage with art that's working parallel to the field that I work in. It's been really nice to read & write heightened language without thinking about constructing a play, and visual art & exhibits have really been jogging my curiosity. Below is a compilation of some of my favorite artwork I got to experience!

de young.

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures here! But I loved the way this museum was curated, with contemporary artwork placed in juxtaposition to historical pieces. For example, this glass sculpture was next to some beautiful marble sculptures in this gallery with romantic landscapes. And the dollar bill George Washington appeared next to the original portrait. Cool stuff!

walt disney family museum.

Not only was this museum located in a beautiful building in the Presidio, it's a super cool place for any Disney fan (like myself & my family). I really loved seeing all the people in Walt Disney's life that helped him along the way. It was a great reminder that every creative person faces a lot of obstacles on their journey.

san francisco museum of modern art.

This museum re-opened recently with two new floors. I could have spent all day here. There's a super awesome Andy Warhol collection, some cool multimedia, & DAN FLAVIN who I have been a huge fan of for a while (through Pinterest). He works with neon lights, and his creations are freakin' mesmerizing in person. I put his work in the banner above.

oakland museum of california.

The Oakland Museum of California is situated in a beautiful building with stunning grounds. There's three wings: natural science, history, & art. It was a interesting, eclectic collection, and as a non-Californian, I feel like I learned a lot!

asian art museum of san francisco.

I happened to visit this one on Free First Sunday, hence the crazy line of people in the background of the beautiful sculpture outside. Most of the museums I visited offered free or discounted tickets on day of the week, or on the first Friday or first Sunday of the month. I gotta remember this when I get back to NYC!

Anyway, at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, there's a lot of historical art from across the continent. They make an important point about the diversity across Asia & its peoples. So there's work from East Asia, the Pacific Islands, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and so on.